The Star and Crescent shall not be worn by every man, but only by him who is worthy to wear it. He must be a gentleman... a man of honor and courage... a man of zeal, yet humble... an intelligent man... a man of truth... one who tempers action with wisdom and, above all else, one who walks in the light of God.

Our Executive Committee

Exemplifying Leadership
George Kushner

George Kushner is a senior Biology major from here in Louisville. George has held the position of Grand Scribe prior to being voted as president, and has been extremely active within the fraternity since joining. George enjoys playing Lacrosse and has played for U of L club lacrosse since coming to college.

Shawn Baumann
Grand Procurator
Charlie Todd
Grand Master of Ceremonies

Charlie (Chuck) Todd is a junior Marketing and Finance major from here in Louisville. Charlie has been extremely active in the community as an Eagle Scout and on behalf of the fraternity, leading all of fraternity life in service hours since rushing.  He has held the position of ritual chair and is very active in IM sports.

Will Leffert
Grand Treasurer

Will is a junior from Louisville and is studying Finance. Will has played A team football for us and held the position of special events chair. Since joining, Will has been extremely active within Kappa Sigma and has been involved with multiple committees.

Max Rakutt
Grand Scribe

Max is a the youngest member of our EC, as he is a sophomore Chemistry major from here in Louisville. In his first year in the fraternity Max was extremely active in multiple branches of the fraternity, leading to his nomination for EC despite being a newer member.